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Naira Khachatryan

Acting Director

World Health Organization Europe Office Research Advisor



2019թ. - Regional technical consultation meeting: Transitioning to the latest WHO Policy Guidance on drug-resistant tuberculosis (DR-TB)”, Kiev

2019թ. - Regional Meeting for Eastern Europe and Central AsiaAIDS and Tuberculosis in Eastern Europe and Central Asia: time to face the facts, Istanbul

2019թ. - Dubai AUE, July 8-11 Global Consultation on best practice in MDRTB care  Harvard medical school in Dubai, workshop

2019թ. - 6 th  MSF regional TB Symposium Tashkent, Uzbekistan

2018թ. - 49 th UNION WORLD CONFERENCE ON LUNG HEALTH, Hague   Netherlands

2017թ. - 48th UNION WORLD CONFERENCE ON LUNG HEALTH, Guadalajara Mexico


2016թ. - 5 th  MSF regional  TB Symposium. Tbilisi Georgia ‘’Improving treatment outcomes through a patient cantered approach and access to new treatments’’ presentation: V-DOT implementation in DRTB program

2015թ. - 4 th TB Symposium. MSF /MOH “New treatments and approaches to tuberculosis”, Yerevan Armenia

2014թ. - Participation in Pan-Russian International Scientific -practical TB conference. Moscow RF , presentation of CU  Bdq Best Practice in Armenia

2014թ. - Field Management Training, MSF, Armenia

2014թ. - WHO workshop on Results-based Management for TB prevention , Care and Control , Yerevan Armenia

2013թ. - MSF International Workshop on management of non-tuberculosis mycobacterial  , Phnom Penh, Cambodia

2012թ. - MSF International Workshop of DR TB in  Armenia, facilitator

2012թ. - Training /observation  ”Sputnik’’ sub- program in circle of the DR TB management, Tomsk, RF in collaboration with  PHD

2010թ. - MSF International Workshop of DR TB in Mumbai, India

2007թ. - STI/HIV, TB harm reduction and Management, TB Treatment of the patients with STI/HIV, Armenia


Գիտական հրապարակումներ և շնորհանդեսներ

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